Previously, Adornment Deluxe was an '18 & over' body piercing studio. However, upon seeing an increase of minors with extremely problematic piercings, we decided to implement a strict procedure that would allow minors to become clients.

Most of the minors who visited us were usually asking for help after receiving a 'botched' piercing or given horrible advice about aftercare. Unfortunately, many didn't know the first thing about properly caring for their piercing. Those who were
told anything about aftercare were usually given horribly improper advice. Many of the piercings were improperly placed and contained substandard jewelry; some
the wrong size and style for the piercing, altogether.

It became increasingly obvious that we desperately needed to get involved.

What solidified the decision to begin piercing minors, was seeing [and helping]
those who had been pierced by 'anyone who would do it.' We found all too disturbing the stories of minors attempting to pierce themselves and each other, sometimes with the same needle...  getting pierced without parental consent or even regard for general cleanliness- at flea markets, in the back rooms of tattoo shops and the infamous 'some guy's basement,' or 'at a piercing party.' We were appalled to hear of businesses not requesting proof of age, or even asking the age of the person walking in...

Thus, in order to give minors a safe, clean and knowledgeable venue
to receive a properly placed, as well as aesthetically pleasing
piercing with SAFE jewelry appropriate in size, gauge and style for their
own unique bodies, we implemented the following policy:

Minors (who must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian) must have a verbal consultation at least 3 days prior to the actual piercing appointment.
During this consultation, the piercing procedure, healing time, and complete aftercare regimen is discussed, as well as which jewelry would be most suited for their particular piercing. Written aftercare instructions will be provided. Any questions that the minor or parent may have will be answered.

The minor is then given three days to review the aftercare and decide if this is the best time for that particular piercing. [Some piercings may interfere with sports, swimming, etc.] In this time, the minor is encouraged to study the aftercare suggestions that we provide so that he or she will be prepared to care for their piercing properly for the entire healing time.

A minimum of three days later, upon arriving for the piercing appointment, the minor is required to fill out an 'aftercare questionnaire.' This questionnaire reviews that which was discussed during the consultation. It contains nothing which cannot be found in the written aftercare sheet. In the event that the questionnaire is 'failed,' the piercing appointment is postponed an additional 3 days, at which point a second [& different] questionnaire will be given.


We require proof positive identification prior to performing the piercing!
We insist on being provided with the following:
~MINOR: School Photo I.D., State I.D. or Passport
           ~PARENT: Drivers license, State I.D. or Passport
~ AND minor's birth certificate

~ In the instance that the parent and minor have different last names, a legal, court document showing the link to the minor is required. [i.e. marriage certificate, etc.]

The consultation takes approximately 30 minutes
and is provided completely free of charge.

Click here to view our in-depth policy on age requirements.